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Fixing a tight timeline.

Judy wanted to move before winter. She told her son it was time to begin the process, so he called Kevin Alderink, a professional he personally trusted. Tom wanted his mom to meet with a Realtor who cared and understood the multiple facets involved in helping his mom achieve her goal.

After living in the same home for many years, Judy had accumulated a vast array of beautiful memories and memorabilia. How would she be able to buy a condominium and make the transition in three or four months?

Kevin put Judy in touch with Mark Reifsnyder, a highly qualified loan originator, who laid out a plan for Judy to obtain a short-term loan. The overall cost was low. Going this route would give Judy the freedom to find and purchase just the right place without the pressure of having to sell her home first.

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Moving out of a longtime family home.

Bob had lived in his home for more than forty years—longer than any other house he and Betty had ever owned together. This was the home they lived in when she passed away two years earlier. “Why move?” he thought.

On the other hand, moving closer to town appeared attractive. Many of his friends lived in a housing complex that he visited regularly. He could see himself living there, and would enjoy being closer to them. Driving country roads in the winter made him nervous; by moving, he wouldn’t have to drive as far or as often.

As Bob prayed through and considered his options, his daughter said to him, “Kevin Alderink will help you weigh the decision and give you an idea of what your house is worth.

Along with needing to learn the current value of his home, Bob wasn’t sure his house was ready to be shown to potential buyers—he was uncertain what it would take to get it ready to sell. Kevin had extensive experience helping people get ready to move. He helped Bob by listening to his dreams and concerns and developed a plan to meet Bob’s specific needs.

Finding the perfect place.

Kevin worked with Tony to sell his house. After the sale, Tony moved into an assisted living facility. Soon after moving, Tony began to miss some elements he enjoyed in his home. He did not miss the specific house, but rather the differences his own place afforded him. He missed sweeping the garage and vacuuming his car. To help him determine whether he had made the right move, Kevin began sending him detailed information on condominiums. Occasionally, they looked through one or two that were for sale.

Through this process, Tony began to see what he wanted most. Kevin helped him reach a housing decision that best fit Tony’s needs and desires.

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