YOU ARE – Part 2

Nov 28, 2018 | 0 comments

You are Competitive

We just love the generation known as Baby Boomers.  It is your competitive nature which feeds the competitive spirit that drives our country today.  Whether we are talking professional sports, striving for personal excellence, or competition in the workplace, we can attribute our desire to be the best to you.  Although competition is one of your strengths, it is only valuable when combined with your sense of fair play and your integrity-based code of conduct. Here at Legacy Life Strategies, we each specialize in different areas of expertise, so we do not compete with one another.  Instead, our primary competitor is time. If you consider time to be one of your foes, you should give us a call. We will help you win that battle.

You are Goal-Centric

We just love the generation known as Baby Boomers.  Boy oh boy… Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we were all as goal-driven as you?  Setting goals; making plans; executing those plans; and achieving those goals is what life should be all about.  Some people refer to it as ‘being regimented’, but you know that it is just common sense at its best. And what could make more sense than being goal-centric when it comes to your legacy?  Here at Legacy Life Strategies, we have learned from you the value of being goal-centric. The concept of leaving a legacy is a goal in itself. What legacy are you establishing for your loved ones?  How can we help you achieve your goal to create the best legacy possible?

You are Driven

We just love the generation known as Baby Boomers.  Many people in the country today need to be pushed along, but not you.  You have an innate sense of authoritative ambition that gives you the strength, endurance and courage to drive head-on into any challenge.  You are the locomotive that leads the way and brings the followers along with you. When others need something done, they know they can count on you.  Being incredibly driven is part of your legacy. Here at Legacy Life Strategies, we appreciate the fact that your drive is what pushes you to seek out professional counsel when needed.  When you are ready to drive your legacy to the next level, please visit our website or give us a call.

You are Self-Assured

We just love the generation known as Baby Boomers.  Confidence… Confidence… Confidence… While some suffer from self-doubt or even arrogance, you emit an aura of self-assuredness that makes others envious.  You have always known who you are and what you are capable of achieving. With that, you have also always known your limitations. Your confidence gives you to the courage to reach out to others when you need help with something.  Here at Legacy Life Strategies, we are waiting patiently for the day when you are ready to reach out. Whether you need assistance in just one area of your legacy or all seven, we are here for you.

You have a Strong Work Ethic

We just love the generation known as Baby Boomers.  Whatever happened to the days when an honest day’s work warranted an honest day’s wages?  At what point did our society become more focused on entitlements rather than putting forth our best effort in all we did?  Whether we are talking about the workplace or going on a mission trip, your strong work ethic is the key to success and an example for all to follow.  Here at Legacy Life Strategies, we strive to follow your example in the workplace and in our private lives. We would love the opportunity to put our work ethic into practice for you.  When you have questions about improving your legacy, please feel free to call on our team of professionals to get you the answers you need.


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